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No Groggy Doggy

Anesthetic-free scaling and polishing for your cats and dogs.

Did you know that gum disease isn’t just a human problem ?

Studies show that gum disease also affects dogs and cats. Just like humans, if left untreated,

gum disease can lead to more serious problems such as heart disease.

The more we learn about our four-legged friends, the more we learn that oral hygiene is just

as important to our pets as it is to us. That means regular brushing and cleaning.

Keeping your dogs or cats teeth clean is recommended by vets.

Pawsitively Natural offers natural alternatives to traditional teeth cleaning techniques for your

pets. The Pawsitively Natural technique of scaling, flossing and polishing involves no general

anesthetic. That means less stress for your pet. No groggy after effect, less stress for you.


About Pawsitively Natural


We began in 2005 and have three generations serving the pets of B.C. We offer first rate care to

your loved pets and treat them with the respect and tender care that they deserve and you would

expect. Our routes cover all of Vancouver Island and the interior of B.C. to the Alberta border.

We work out of numerous locations and are always adding to the list.


Jamie, Mavis and Cody can be reached at

Pawsitively Natural 1 250 709-8935